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CEO of Empowered MLM Marketer, Owner/President of Web Age Marketing and Author of “Relationship Marketing 3.0″ and his monthly newsletter “The New Digital Age of Marketing” and many articles on the latest cutting edge programs for automating online marketing and having success in home based business. Today, Brian is realizing his dreams. In his lifetime he has worked as a Securities Trader and Analyst specializing in Technology Stocks and Start up companies and has owned 3 successful businesses. Brian has found success again with Convergence Technology and Streaming Media Industry. Brian is a Real Estate Investor and a technologist and visionary as the Founder of Web Age Marketing he has developed some of the most innovative marketing strategies and technologies to date. Brian is considered a leader in the Online Marketing Industry. Brian’s newest project has arrived and he now is the CEO of Empowered MLM Marketer The company’s website takes a member through online marketing step by steps, system by system setting up affiliates new to online marketing with some of the most powerful automated marketing systems in the World. Before now these systems were only used by large companies such as Dell Computer, but now anyone can learn how to create the same systems for there business and automate there lead generation & recruiting.

Changing lives and making the World a better place!

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