New Discount Mobile Service Global Mobile 1 And Where To Get It

I just showed this great new phone company Global Mobile 1 to by co workers. Not only does Global Mobile 1 have everything we want but they cover my area to, and not everyone does. Global Mobile 1 plans are so cheap I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t get this service.

Their plans start out at just $40 and have unlimited any time minutes. Can you imagine? I can talk as much as I want and never get yelled at again for going over my minutes…lol. Plus its free long distance. They have other plans that go up to $80 a month if you want stuff besides the unlimited talk time like unlimited text and data plans. They even have one plan that is just for text and data for only $35 a month.

It says they will even be covering places like South Africa and Australia. From what I saw on the map it looks like they will cover all of North America and even Canada and Alaska. I am not sure if that means calls to those places will be free from the United States or not but even so it’s a great deal.

They have some nice looking phones for sale to, even some Blackberries. I saw a flip phone I wouldn’t mind having but I think I may just get mine activated for now. It says you can get any unlocked phone activated through them. Of course it also says that they will be getting in even more phones, I may wait and see what all they get in first.

They also have all of the features I want like caller ID and call block. They also have call waiting and voice mail. Pretty much everything you can get on your phone now. The best part is that there isn’t a contract or a credit check.

Tell you friends and get yours as soon as you can. This is so great I can’t wait to get mine. I couldn’t live without my phone and this has everything I want at such a great price.

Global Mobile 1

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