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As the owner of Empowered MLM Marketing, Founding member of The Millionaire Mindset Mastermind Group and President of Web Age Marketing LLC. I have had many business owners and network marketers come to me and say, “I’m tired of trying to figure all this online marketing stuff out. I just want a way to find the people that are truly interested in what my business opportunity has to offer. I want you to coach me and teach me everything…..and completely set up a turnkey online system that will generate those kind of leads like you do?”

This is what started my coaching practice in network marketing. A lot of people understand the value of paying for the knowledge so they can use that knowledge to go make a lot of money over and over again.

Currently I have many clients ranging from beginners to some of the most successful leaders in the industry. You ask why would someone need to learn to market there business on the internet to get leads if they are already successful? The answer is the network marketing industry landscape is changing fast, if you are not recruiting at least 10 people a month you will most likely end up a statistic. Leaders in our industry understand how much faster MLM moves today with the internet and technology. Leaders also understand that the more traditional methods of building a network marketing business are not duplicatable by the average person. However with online recruiting anyone can learn how to set up a system one time and manage that system if they have the right person to teach them. And once that is done the average network marketer can easily field inbound leads that have already seen there businesses opportunity or product information and have decided they are interested enough to contact you!
When you use technology you are able to do 10, 20 even a hundred times more with your recruiting and that means building your business faster and building your income even faster!

My coaching program consists of 8 90 minute sessions where I take you step by step setting up the following marketing systems: Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Skype, Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Blogging and keyword optimization for each. When the course is completed you will have an expert understanding that few in this industry have. Not only that, but your own value will have greatly increased with the knowledge you have, and that my friend attracts quality prospects to your business like a super magnet!

Payment options are as follows:
8 sessions – 90+ minutes/weekly:

    3 payment options

3 payments of $2,000
2 payments of $2,750
1 payment of $4,995

Call to schedule an interview:
Brian J Williams
Office: 843.492.5667
Intl: +1.310.272.9383

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